Day 4

Whew, day 4 is officially in the books. That means we are 1/2 way through with 4 more to go, but we are less than 1/2 way based on mileage. Today was the longest so far at 346 so we have gone a total of 1278 with 1370 remaining. Tomorrow is “only” 326 miles.

With today’s weather conditions I feel sorry for the riders still out on the course. It is a balmy 102 at the moment with a stiff wind that has some headwind component to it. The wind was especially fierce SE of Waco, which I’m convinced is Texan for “blows the trees away”. By there we were finally done with the logging trucks but there was no shortage of big rigs creating huge bow waves that hit you when they passed going the opposite direction. We also encountered more bugs than on previous days.



An errant bug even managed to get on my route sheet.

Some of the local scooter riders have coordinated a BBQ for us tonight. That should be tasty as I hear there is good BBQ in Texas. They also had cold water an popcorn for us when we got to the hotel. I sure hope there will be some left for those slower riders, both refreshments and BBQ. It was nice to be able to pull into the shade, check in, and relax.


The scoot ran better with the jet change even though we gained about 1500′. A couple of the other two stroke riders changed their jets during the ride. I think I’ll leave well enough alone until it starts running poorly. I still downshifted to third going uphill into the wind when the engine temperature started creeping up. I may have made up some time on #55 in front of me since she was slowed by a soft seize during the day. There was at least one minor spill and the usual assortment of mechanical woes spread throughout the field. It’s supposed to be hot again tomorrow and hope springs eternal that it won’t be as windy. West Texas? Yeah, right.

5 thoughts on “Day 4

  1. John, I am in AWE of you (and the others too!). How many hours a day do you average on the road? Do you see any of the other scooterists at any ‘stops’ (other than when they’re on the side of the road)?

    • So far for me it’s been about 7 hours a day. The bigger scoots are quite a bit faster and some of the small ones quite a bit slower. A lot of folks are starting early, before the riders meeting but the big ones that start later go whizzing by at some point during the day. There is the occasional scoot alongside the road but the support vehicles usually act as a sweep to recover those that won’t run.

  2. sounds like the adventures keep rolling along. west Texas! Wow! Glad things have been manageable so far as for repairs, bird encounters, weather etc. Thanks for the daily news. We love following along. Happy trails!

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