Day 3

Well, this was a day for the birds. About 30 min. into the ride a wild turkey decided to cross the road in front of me from the left. There was one of the seemingly infinite number of logging trucks approaching from the opposite direction. So the turkey decides it can’t make across in front of me on the ground and starts to fly. It did a nice version of a vertical takeoff and thankfully banked hard to its right, narrowly missing the scoot (I could have put my arm out and touch it). I don’t know if it had the same luck with the truck.

One of the support crew stopped at a farm stand in Louisiana an picked up some pickled quail eggs. One word:tasty.


So much for bird news. The Cannonball continues to take its mechanical toll on the scooters and riders. Sadly Godzilla Bobber crashed out yesterday. I don’t have any further details other than he is injured bu OK. The mechanical issues are impacting both the classic and modern scooters. Mine was running OK but each hill climb caused an alairming increase in the cylinder head temperature, and the cht was higher than it was before the seize yesterday. So, I put in a larger main jet in the carb to hopefully cool it down a bit. The cooler spark plug that I put in yesterday didn’t do the trick. Tomorrow should be tough, I have heard it will be over 100 in Abilene, ugh.


Not all of the riders were able to get rooms at the hotel so the parking lot seems strangely quiet.

Oh, most everyone agrees we don’t need to see any more logging trucks for quite some time.

2 thoughts on “Day 3

  1. From the followride site, it looked like you cruised along at a nice even pace. Hopefully your scoot will respond well to your mantenance work. Nice that someone was able to sample a Louisana delicacy. Stay cool!

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