Day 5

Actually the title for today should be BRAIN FART! It’s known that by this point in the rally mental issues can arise. In my case last night I had my wallet on the desk and reminded myself not to forget it. So, being open to advice, I think I put the wallet in my pants pocket (or did so this morning). Unfortunately the wallet wound up in a different pocket than usual unbeknownst to me. So there I am arriving at the first check point which is a planned fuel stop. For some reason I check for the wallet an it’s not in my (normal) pocket. PANIC! I pull over and check the scooter glove box, food bag and road gear bag. No wallet. So I call the motel and ask if any scooter people are still there which there were. One of them went to check the room. Meanwhile I call my transportation support and ask him to check if it’s in my luggage. The answer from both is the same-no wallet. Now real panic and despair set in and when I put my hands toward the back of my hip I discover the wallet in the back pocket. Relief on the one hand but a reminder to be more attentive going forward. Hats off to all involved including the local farmer that pulled over to see if everything was OK.

Other than that the ride went well except for another kamakazi turkey attack, this time from the right side of the road. She was close enough that I could see the color of her eyes. Even though it was warm the winds were from the right today so we were’t blasted by the bow waves of passing trucks.

The Cannonball continues to take its toll on riders and their equipment (for a rider example see brain fart above). Once again there is a lot of mechanicing going on in the parking lot, as well as some withdrawals due to mechanicals



(riding to the finish with broken cranks)

Some riders took the opportunity to visit the UFO Museum down the street. I passed since I did that last year but some must have enjoyed it.


2 thoughts on “Day 5

  1. Another great report! Sorry to hear about the brain fart with the wallet. Been there done that. You’re on the home stretch. Go Classic Rider!

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