Hot Seat

It’s nice when a plan starts coming together.  Earlier this week Team Classic Rider managed to get the broken seat bracket welded without setting the seat on fire.  While the seat cover is not “standard” as far as how it originally came from the factory, it is comfortable.  Plus, that’s the way it was when I got the scooter the seat was on and there has been no real need to “restore” it back to stock. For some reason the old adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” comes to mind.  Hence, welding=OK, recover=not OK.  All is well for now, we’ll see how the repair holds up across the country.

Seat as installed after bracket repair

1 thought on “Hot Seat

  1. I hope you share your comment with Chris. She will be happy to know that you don’t throw away things just because they are well used and need a little TLC.

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