Creature Comforts

Well, the first thing with considering “creature comforts” on an older scooter is to keep in mind just what is even possible.  I’ve already discussed the hand considerations with the new gloves, so this post will be more body orientated.  Riding on my modern Vespa with and without a windscreen shows the value of an appropriately sized windscreen, both for enhance comfort from the elements, and also better aerodynamics and reduced drag.   So, just how or where does one find a windscreen for a model that has been out of production for over 30 years?  Accessory manufacturers are not cranking them out on an assembly line these days.  Fortunately Motorsport Scooters in San Diego had a couple of incomplete windscreen kits for a P-PX series that they let me have for a good price that between them had enough mounting hardware to work.  In their original form they were just a little too big.  In the photo you can see the original size with the cut down size behind it.  Because the P-PX series uses a larger headlight, the is a larger gap around the head light than would be ideal.  I’ve also been too much of a wimp to try and heat the plastic to move the flared hand guards closer to the handle bars.  That said, the cut down windscreen seem to work OK, and it does seem to help the aerodynamics just a bit as well.

Perhaps an even more important creature comfort item is the saddle (or seat depending on you point of view).  The scooter had been making a squeaking noise, and I’ve discovered the cause as a broken seat mounting bracket at the front.  Hopefully there will be time to get to and from the local welder (and he doesn’t set the whole thing on fire when doing the welding). I would hate for the entire front to break loose while on the road for sure.  A lot of the other riders have mentioned getting additional cushions, but with the amount of “seat time” I get at work that should not be necessary.

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