Well, I hope the scoot is mechanically ready.  The gas is down to shipping levels, the registration and keys removed, so it’s ready for pick up.  I’m off to work this evening and won’t be here when the shippers come next Tuesday or Wednesday.  Since our home’s location is not conducive for a full sized moving van to get to and from, the scoot has been dropped off at a neighbors.  The moving van should have easy access to their house, but they will need to push the scooter a little distance for loading (20-30 yards, flat ground).  A big thank you to my wife for handling the paperwork etc. when the shippers arrive.  I just hope the shippers are used to classic Vespas with their offset center of gravity when they take it off its center stand.  One the scooter is picked up there will be no turning back!

Pre-staged, awaiting transport to Georgia

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