Good Eats

One item of concern is nutrition during the day while on the road since there won’t be time to stop for food. There has been quite a bit of discussion on the Cannonball forums concerning strategy on rider refueling during the day. One competitor even offered the reassurance that “the road provides”. I’m not sure I’m ready for that, at least yet.

road food?

Since I’m from California, I went by the local farmer’s market today to get some supplies to go with the various granola bars (there’s that California influence again) that I’ve sent ahead to Savannah. The almonds and figs should complement nicely item 4866.

food to go (so to speak)

The plan is to have a “feed bag” hanging off the back side of the headset that will have the miscellaneous food items and a couple of cycling water bottles that will be easily accessible during the day. Since it looks like it will be on the warm side each day, hydration will be important. Note to self: drink up during the day!

Off to Savannah early tomorrow morning!

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