No, not the movie, but the gear and supplies shipped by FedEx to Savannah. Their tracking system indicates delivery yesterday afternoon.  I’ll be under way tomorrow, but will most likely arrive after Motorini-Vespa Savannah is closed.  That will give about a day and a half to make any last minute additions, deletions, or corrections to the scooter and gear prior to starting out on Sunday.  I’m already thinking about getting some duct tape…

4 thoughts on “Deliverance

  1. Remember, you are facing the most dangerous part of your “adventure” – – flying to Georgia. All the best wishes for a safe and fun ride.

  2. Just wanted to wish you and the scoot a great, safe trip through new territory. May the wind be
    at your backs, sun in your faces and watch out for armadillos!

  3. I remember seeing many UFO (Unidentifed furry Objects) on the roads the year I spent in the south. Either avoid ’em or gather ’em for a road kill feast!

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