No, we’re not talking about bowling scoring.  One dilemma that I’ve been dealing with is what to take along to support the ride.  When I was thinking about doing the ride initially my thoughts were to just ride the scoot as if I were riding around the local area, that is, just carry the “normal” tools and supplies that a classic scooter would carry.  The spare cables, spark plugs and tools were already on board.  So the question became “what else?” to take along.

One thing decided early on was taking along my own 2 stroke oil.  I’ve found that often times gas stations no longer carry 2 stroke, and it’s necessary to keep the oil injection system supplied with oil.  So, I will be FedExing 2 gallons of Motul 710 oil to Savannah since it would be challenging to get it through TSA security at the airport.

Then, when it looked like there wold be a fully supported team from Santa Barbara going, thoughts of taking along parts and tools for a complete engine rebuild started to come to mind.  These thoughts were “encouraged” but discussions on the forums on the Cannonball web site on what other riders were taking along.  In some cases that includes a complete spare engine.  But now that I’m back to a solo effort, that level of spare parts is not realistic.

So, that brings us to the current plan.  On board the scooter now are three wheels (including spare) with new tires, 1 qt. of 2 stroke oil, three spark plugs (2 BR7ES and 1 BR8ES just in case I need to change the heat range), a mixing cup (in case the auto lube fails) spare cables (everything except the front and rear brake and speedometer) and spare clamps, a spare ignition coil, spare bulbs for all lights, and a spare clutch/front brake lever.  Tools include everything necessary install and adjust the above parts plus a portable light just in case I’m caught out after dark.

In addition the the 2 gallons of 2 stroke oil I’m shipping a spare inner tube, extra nitrile gloves and shop rag, another set of spare cables, a pocket knife (another thing that would be tough to get past TSA), electrical tape, and spare electrical parts for the combination speedometer.  Perhaps the most important tool will be some spare reading glasses. It is nice to be able to see what one is doing.

I hope if anything it’s too much.

last minute spare parts addition

1 thought on “Spares

  1. Hi John. Has the scooter left California? If not, the spares may not be necessary (ha,ha). Also, are you bringing a spare rider just in case your back gives out and you can’t get out of bed one morning? Remember what Alfred E. Newman used to say. You will sleep better at night.

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