Day 1

Day 1 is in the books without much drama for #14. Sad to say one of the classic Vespas holed his piston about 20 miles from the finish- major bummer! “The Dandee” said he was just thinking to himself how well the day was going and how well the scoot was running when it felt like it had run out of fuel. I must confess that I had thought the same thing and shortly thereafter had to switch to the reserve tank. Nothing like a sudden loss of power to get one’s attention.

Once the weather system hit we had some rain and then a lot of wind. There were times when the gusts felt like they were trying to pull my helmet and jacket (with me included) off. The wind gusts also added to the degree of difficulty and caused some anxiety when the scoot’s speed would suddenly change (as in possible engine problems).

It did not take too long into the ride to spot the first opossum that wasn’t playing dead. I did miss seeing the turtle(s) that other riders saw. And there was a close encounter of some kind when a flock of buzzards was slow clearing the road as I passed by. That would not have been a good bird strike. For the most part the roads were nice, and had very little traffic. It was interesting scenery as well, and I think we may have been close to the set of Discovery Channel’s Swamp Loggers or whatever that reality show is called.

If you were following along on follow you may have noticed my track did not follow the course line. I am pleased to report I was not lost but the official route had changed after the program was set up. I haven’t checked since, but when I turned in my times I was in 6th place with more than 30 checkins. As long as the max speed limits and/or road conditions are limited to 55 I should be competitive. Translation: not looking forward to Texas/New Mexico/California.

Scoot resting comfortably in Troy Al.

Forgot to mention Bagel is riding down to Florida and back to “log” another state.

2 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. We followed the first part of your trek on followme from the Lad’s flat in MSP. Nice to see tht you were moving along nicely. Better even to get the evening report on the conditions. Dreaming Possum Pie!

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