Test Results

The weekend rains have come and gone, and the rain gear and equipment test needs to be scored as “incomplete”.  In spite of the area receiving over 1.75″ of rain, I actually didn’t ride in that much of it.  The first attempt on my trial loop ended in failure about 10 miles into the ride.  I had stopped for fuel and when I took the scooter off its stand, the rear shock came loose from the top, creating a no-ride condition.  Feeling/looking up and under the body work it looked like the shock had broken at the top mounting position.  By the time the scooter recovery team arrived and we got the scooter home, the steady rain had pretty much stopped.  Once in the shop, I discovered that instead of breaking, the spacer at the top of the shock had come loose so it was an easy repair, not a parts order and replacement.

After the repair was complete and lunch finished, I was watching the weather radar display to try and catch some passing showers. When I finally set out, I only managed a few minutes of actual rain, but did reach some conclusions after both the first and second attempt which are as follows:

1. The sailing rain gear seems like it will be adequate-no cold wind or water seemed to come in (qualified since the total rain time was limited but it has worked OK on a sail boat sitting in wind/rain/splashing waves)

2. The helmet visor tends to fog up on the inside, especially at slow speeds.  That will require further research into anti-fogging methods.

3. My knees actually are exposed to the wind and rain just outside the leg shield, which equated to dry but cold sensation.  That could require extra layering.

4.  The glove plan didn’t really work.  With an inner pair of gloves under the XL yellow gloves I posted earlier, there was no feel or real movement in my hands, making throttle control, front brake, and shifting seem extremely disconnected and vague.  Taking off the leather gloves was better, but any rain made my hands COLD, and there was no protection to speak of in case of a spill.  I have a pair of Roadgear Boss gloves on order.

5. The Aquabox/Garmin combination works in the rain, but is a bit challenging to see, and is challenging to operate with gloves on.  The new gloves above might be an improvement for operating.

6.  The modified windscreen (details to come) provided decent protection and did not seem to affect the performance or handling in the strong gusty winds associated with the weather front.

7. I hope we don’t have severe weather on the Cannonball, duh.

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