Day 8 (a day late)

Job done! All of my pre-start goals were met. I made it all the way across the country without the need of a trailer and also had a respectable finish at both 7th place overall and with the fastest uncorrected 2stroke time.

Day 8 was nice because some of the Vesparados from Santa Barbara me at the first fuel stop in Twentynine Palms and road back onto the course with me. Randy even got to see me get off course when Ms. Garmin wanted to send me into a gated community. Since we were past the last check point on the course I asked for direct to the finish. Sounds simple, but it routed us through El Cajon then 10 miles down El Cajon Blvd. which has a seemingly infinite number of red lights. We finally arrived 30 min. after the original estimate, gah.

Other than the final navigation issue the day went well. I indeed needed my extra fuel even after making an extra fuel stop for .454 gal. at the Cali. ag check station at Vidal Junction. All told that leg used 2.77 gal. and my tank only holds about 2.2.

Motorsport Scooters hosted a nice finish line party attended by the Cannonball riders and local riders as well. It is amazing the interest shown about a bunch of crazies as we rode scooters across the country with people coming out to see us at the start, along the route (often with refreshments), and at the finish. hosted an extensive thread for worldwide fans to follow the action.

There were a few incidents along the way, some of which were/are scary. Godzilla Bobber had a serious crash but managed to rejoin the ride to the end (sans bike) and one of our international riders BillDog has continuing issues with his left hand due to a brown recluse spider bite. In fact he left the finish party early to go to the hospital, wound up spending the night, and will most likely require surgery. Several of the scooters are now sporting new scrapes on their sides and other cosmetic blemishes. As mentioned before there are a lot of accumulated mechanical issues as well but it was strange to see no work in progress in the parking lot. Mine will get a nice session at the “spa” after it gets home. All of the women that were able to start finished, with perhaps the most impressive being Ashrat who rode her classic P200 to Savannah from Pueblo Co. before the start THEN rode the entire Cannonball.

That’s about it for now, but once I get home (trucking not riding) and get a chance to catch my breath there might be an epilogue post. Thanks for reading.

1 thought on “Day 8 (a day late)

  1. Glad you are home (almost) and congratulations on doing so well. Maybe all of your “compulsive” pilot behavior and training paid off. Cheers!!

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