Day 7

Day 7 is in the book which means 1 more day to go. This one had a nice range of temperatures, going from 36 in Heber Az. this morning to 97 in Parker this afternoon. The scooter runs much better in cool weather so tomorrow’s dessert crossing will be challenging.

We saw a lot of Harley riders today coming back from one of their runs. It is nice that they give a friendly wave as we pass on the road, as well as friendly conversation at the fuel stops.

I managed to avoid some of the speed traps that were set out on the nice twisty roads but Lost Boater was not as lucky in Jerome (the 20 mph speed limit did seem a bit slow but…).

Speaking of Jerome, a lot of folks had problems with their Garmins and wound up “touring” the town and finding some rather adventurous locations. I had no problems there but think that Prescott is the Arizona equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle. My Garmin wanted me to turn right instead of left at at poorly signed intersection. Several stop lights later I realized it was taking me on a longer more roundabout route so I backtracked to get back on course only to get caught up in a lengthy delay/detour for some bike event. I estimate I lost 20 min. or so minimum. Not only that but my electrical system went wonky. The horn came on full time an the fuse blew on the DC system. I suspect shorts in the wiring as it comes up into the headset. The horn has been silenced which is no big deal since it can’t really be heard by other drivers and I can still get DC power for the Garmin. I also put on a fresh rear tire for the last leg into San Diego.

The usual maintenance progress in the hotel parking lot with a lot a fresh tires being mounted as well as addressing other mechanical woes. Sadly some more riders have dropped out. I’m hoping to keep the Rally running for another 325 miles but even though it’s running well I can tell it’s starting to feel just a bit tired. 1 more day!

Sadly one of the drop outs today-#68 Sir Paul aka GBanks66, the only small frame entered. Notice the adornment he found along the way.

6 thoughts on “Day 7

  1. Hydration and ample nourishment await at the finish line. Haveba lot of both and have a wonderful time. Congrats on an adventure completed with no major casualities! Well done Sir!

  2. Great job and great adventure. We thought about you yesterday during our drive across Death Valley – – imagining a long line of scooters with vultures circling above. Have a safe and enjoyable last day. Will miss your daily posts.

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