Day 6

The majority of the field has finished day 6. The general consensus is cold and windy. The faster bikes were complaining that their top speed was about 20 mph slower than normal. Those of us riding the smaller scooters had difficulty reaching the speed limit going full throttle down hill. I’m pleased with my elapsed time of 7:20 considering the conditions, and am glad I was carrying my rain gear which I put on at a fuel stop. Speaking of fuel, I added a couple of extra stops in addition to the planned stops so I didn’t need to use my extra gas can. Once I fill up for the evening I can calculate the mpg. 40 will be an optimistic forecast since most of the day was spent at full throttle.

I should gain some time on the classic P200 that is a few places ahead of me although the two primary goals are to #1 finish and #2 place in the top 10 or so.


“timing and scoring)

On the good idea department someone has arranged for massages to work on those post ride kinks. She is doing 15 min. Sessions so depending on how long the waiting list is just might need to partake.


While the leg tomorrow is 9 miles shorter Google estimates the time to complete it at 1 hour and 9 minutes longer. Oh it’s supposed to be 39 in the morning to start and 97 by the time we finish in Parker with 5 major climbs thrown in. Classic scooters with carbs will need to consider changing keys at some point since we start at 6300′, climb to nearly 8000′ and finish around 500′. Decisions, decisions, but nobody said it was going to be easy.

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