Day 2

Well, day 2 was somewhat eventful. We lost one of the 2stoke bikes due to a seized engine and I had a seize myself climbing a bridge going into the wind. It locked up the rear wheel but a quick pull on the clutch lever took care of that. Fortunately I was able to get the engine unseized and keep going. I’m also having clutch engagement an disengagement issues but a call to ScootB suggested checking a brass plunger. A quick trip to the parking lot E.R. Produced a slightly scuffed plunger, which has been cleaned, oiled, and reinstalled. The clutch lever feels normal again so that might have solved the issue (I hope). I’m still concerned by the engine problem so will see tomorrow how things go. The E.R. has been busy today, and not just with the older scoots.

As far as the ride goes, Alabama Rte. 10 sure has a lot of logging truck traffic, but the scenery is pretty (except for that bridge). I’ve also come up with a new game to pass the time: What was it?. At least a couple were slow to respond buzzards. It was also COLD and windy. No score information yet but I messed up a couple of times so may have dropped slightly, plus the bigger scoots probably took advantage of fewer towns and cruised beyond the speed limit. I don’t as I do not care to be a guest of The Man at his local establishment.


I was also able to meet up with a high school classmate that lives up the road in Jackson.

8 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. Great news your old classic is still in the running and not along the side of the road with the rest opf the road kill & dead scoots who take the dreaded DNF. You’re going to be a pro at this in a few days. Great reading the blogs, so keep up with the informative details.

    That is sure one old, nasty looking scoot in the pic. I’m betting it’s what’s called “a wolf in sheep’s clothing.” That so? Also bet it’s fully tricked out with all sorts of after-market speed stuff & muffler to boot. Details, please.

      • Gads! What’s the top speed of that wolf? So, the body alone gets the great handicap, not the engine or being completely original?

  2. Good to visit some with you today. Your dry humor is unchanged since the 60’s. The ride out west will be hot but rewarding none the less. Hope the clutch holds on.

  3. Hope the scoot mods work out…keep pushin! And I can’t believe you ate just discovering bike shorts for riding…been using them.for years and it’s the only way to go for long rides..also if you didn’t have that barn door on the front of your scoot you probably wouldn’t of seized! Take it off,strap it to the rack and enjoy the wind in your hair( or something like that) ever forward……l

  4. Aye, hope the seizing issue does not reappear. We’ll check in on your progress during the day. Great blogging … we’re enjoying the updates and reference to the wind. Sounds just like springtime on the Great Plains!

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