Unexpected Repair

This time the repair is not for the scooter but for the rider.  My dentist says tooth #14 needs an overlay, which should be done before heading out on the grand expedition.  Better to take care of that now rather than risk a total failure while riding across rural America.  Using my own or borrowed tools to extract any broken tooth remains is not at all a pleasant thought.  In on the 26th for initial prep work, and final installation on April 16 which will allow a couple of days for the tooth to settle down before the start.

4 thoughts on “Unexpected Repair

  1. Now, if you were really were old school, John, like the Vespa you’re riding, you’d man up and handle this yourself. Just sayin’.

  2. Yeah! Tie that tooth to a long piece of dental floss, put your wife on the Vespa and rip her out! Save yourself some dental bills!

  3. Ok, I have this blog figured out, now. I’ll find you on the road somewhere Monday and ride along until Hazulhurst, MS. Check out riderwarehouse for useful trip accessories. I assume you will have your cellphone with you # ending 7071?

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