Scooter Transportation

The shipper will be here either April 3 or 4 to load the scooter and start it on its way to Savannah.  I’ve elected to use Allied Van Lines motorcycle shipping because they can pick up at home, and deliver it to Savannah.  The folks at Motorini Vespa Savanah have agreed to take delivery and hold it until I arrive prior to the start.  Allied advises it should take 10 days in transit which provide delivery around April 12 or 13 (they pick up here on Tue/Wed and deliver there Thur/Fri), but we decided to allow an extra week “just in case”.  Not having the scooter there for the start would not be good at all.

Sounds simple, but of course there are some complications.  1. I will be out of the country on Tue, getting back Wed. afternoon, and the same would be true for the following week.  That means my wife will be the “shipping agent” which is fine, but she doesn’t ride herself, and is not used to the unique weight distribution of Vespas when they are taken off their stands (ie. want to fall over on the right side due to the offset engine).  That brings us to 2. our driveway is gravel and at the end of a rather narrow street without a large turnaround suitable for an 80′ semi unless the driver is willing to go off road, which others have done without issue, but it is each individual driver’s call.  The driver should call the day before pickup and at that time we would know if he would be able to come to the house or not. So, we might pre-position the scoot at a friends house in town that would allow the semi to just park on the street, and then wheel the scooter to their pallet for loading. That way my wife would not need to move the scooter on her own if Allied couldn’t/wouldn’t come to the house.

I’ll also need to ship riding gear, parts and supplies to Savannah to pre-position them.  Trying to check and/or carry on all of that when flying across country is not a realistic option.  Getting from rural Santa Barbara County to Savannah in one day reasonably will be a bit of a challenge too, especially with the three hour difference in times (going to make the first day’s start seem real early).  I’m inclined to leave a little early myself, as it would also not be good for the scooter to be there for the start, but not the rider.  Springtime equals possibility of sever weather systems which equals possibility of air traffic delays/flight cancellations.  I want to pick up the scooter no later than Saturday morning, so, the question is, depart late Thursday and have an all night red eye leg and arrive late Friday morning or early afternoon, depart early Friday morning to arrive late Friday evening/night, or depart early Thursday morning to arrive late Thursday evening/night?  Thank goodness I can be a bit flexible and creative with my travel plans up to the last minute.

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