Rain Gear

One major concern about riding over 300 miles a day is rain.  Riding/driving in an enclosed vehicle is not that much of an issue comfort wise, but 8 or more hours exposed to the elements will be a big issue.  The current plan is to use sailing foul weather gear over the regular riding gear, the thought being that sailors are exposed to sitting in the elements (wind, rain, and waves-which I hope to avoid) for long periods of time.  For hand protection I’m planning on over-sized unlined liquid proof gloves over my regular riding gloves for dryness, warmth, and protection.  The fit seems OK, but needs some actual “grip” time to see if they will not cause excessive hand cramping.  I was able to try out the foul weather gear a little bit at last year’s Rides of March and discovered that full fingered neoprene sailing gloves did not work well, hence the Mk-II version with the over gloves.  Why sailing gear and not scooter/motorcycle specific gear?  I already have the sailing gear and perhaps more importantly, don’t normally ride in the rain.


proposed Mk-II over-gloves

I’m hoping to test out the weather gear plan prior to the Cannonball, now all I need is a rainy day.  Unfortunately, the Central Cali Coast is experiencing a rather dry winter.  We had a frontal system go through yesterday when I was hoping to do a test ride, but only had .03″ of rain over the course of the day.  The next forecast rain is over a period when I’ll be out of town. March typically does get some decent rain (but then again so does a normal February) so there should still be an opportunity for a road good road test and time to develop Plan B if necessary.

Foul weather jacket/pants

Mk-I full fingered sailing gloves

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