Solo Ride

Well, I’ll be riding solo this year, as the other local riders have canceled out.  At least they should get a refund of their entry fees.  However, that will provide some logistical problems, as our planned transportation and support has also canceled.

It looks like the room reservations have been squared away, and all of the motels said they were good for a late arrival.  Hopefully they will indeed hold the room if I get in later than planned, because having no room at inn would really top off a long day on the road.  Time will tell on that issue.

Now the challenge will be making arrangements to get the scooter and gear to Savannah in time for the official start on Sunday, April 22.  Some folks are planning on doing a round trip ride to get to and from their home and the start/finish of the event.  That is not an option for this old rider/scooter combination (the one way trip should provide enough adventure with a decent probability of success, thank you very much).  Things like helmets, spare parts, tools, riding jackets etc. are not what would easily pass through the TSA check points at the airport, or necessarily fit in the overhead bin or the seat in front of you on the airplane.  I’ll need to re-think just what to take along to Savannah, and how to get it there.

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